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Why Some Like It Scott ?
Because quite frankly, most of my life that is what most people have felt about me. Although I've tried my damnedest to appeal to the masses, I realize I'm more of an acquired taste, you know, like say, Tab cola?

The world of Some Like It Scott is one Jewish gay man's experiences with love, life and things that make him crazy, all done to an incredible musical theatre soundtrack!


Scott Ward Art, LLC

I fell in love with Scott Ward's work the moment Tim Mikkelsen (from MikWright) sent me the link to Scott's site. (Sometimes it really is who you know) and I want everyone to know about Scott's amazing works. Whether it's one of his paintings or a greeting card from one of his paintings you can't go wrong. Click the fab woman above to be transported to his site, which now includes video blogs! And for God sake, buy something, will ya?

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Someone told me I needed a Some Like It Scott Facebook page so here it is! (And yes Mother, if they told me to jump off a bridge I'd probably do that too!)

Although I've always prided myself on being a bi-techtucal I have to admit that I'm having a bit of trouble learning all the nuances of Facebook.

That said, what are you waiting for? Become a "fan" immediately if only for my ego and pride.

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Now when I think of "Links" I think about the two pictured above or the character from the musical, Hairspray.
But here are some links you can click on! 

The Andrews Salzburg Report

This is a fabulous blog (The Andrews Salzburg Report) written by an equally fabulous man - Dann Dulin. He's a real live journalist so read all his interviews and get the skinny on all your fave celebs and oh, so much more.

Bay Area Kicks!

The old song, "Route 66" talks about getting your kicks but this site actually sells them (kicks that is) - and for those of you like me who have no idea what the hell "kicks" are, they're the coolest (what we used to call, you'll pardon the expression) tennis shoes! Click to get your kicks...

Best Gay Blogs

Not only do I visit this site regularly, I'm proud to say that my blog is a Gold Award winner so of course, this site deserves to be visited and adored!

Bravo TV!

The gay, gay, gayer than gay network (that doesn't "identify" itself as the gayest network on television - even gayer than most of the supposed gay ones) that brings you Project Runway, Top Chef and a lot of gay men wearing dress pants and shoes with no socks! (ugh)


All Broadway, all the time...who could ask for anything more?


Dying for the latest celeb news but tired of the spin most old and tired sites put on all of it? Here's the cure...CelebPulp.com. So dishy, so good.

Dating Guide

Looking to find Mr. or Miss Right right now? Check out the Dater's Guide website where you can find someone to love for a lifetime (or at least for twenty minutes)

Deal By Ethan

Forget the International Male catalog boys, Eric and Ethan have come along and shown us the future of men's fashion. Now if I just get gay thin I'll be able to buy something from every category! And the good news? Fashion ain't just for us here in the US, both the fashions and the shopping can happen in as many languages as they teach at Berlitz!

Emporio Armani Sunglasses

The bigger they are, the nicer they are (goes the old saying about stars and people of importance) but it can also be said of those little fashion items Corey Hart sang about in the eighties that we were supposed to wear at night. (Good for hiding hangover eyes but you bump into every God Damned thing - I know, I went as him one year in the 80's for Halloween) If you need glasses, don't go anywhere but this site!

Gay Agenda.com

Whenever I need to find out what we gays have been up to here and across the universe, here's where I go for all the news that's on our gay agenda (and more)!

Gay News Bits From Around The World

I came across this site by finding out that one of my Forty-Something Gay videos was posted on it. While some may say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I was mighty flattered that they chose the original. This site is original too - lots of good posts and links.

Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign's logo is an "=" sign and the work they do is to get all of us treated equally. Great organization!
I'm kvelling as my site just got accepted by Jewish Blogging to be included on their site! Click the logo above to visit this fab site...you'll find me under "Gay Jewish" - surprised? I didn't think so!


What Burns and Allen did for comedy, that's what Phyllis Wright-Herman and Tim Mikklesen are doing for the card industry. Sassy as they are, you must buy everything they sell (especially the cards of yours truly)!

Turner Classic Movies Channel

There's nothing like spending an entire Saturday on the sofa watching your favorite black and white classic movies without any commercials. So tap along with Ann Miller or cry with Bette Davis whenever the need strikes you on the Turner Classic Movie channel.


I scream, you scream...apparently there's a lot of screamers out there and more (including yours truly) on YouTube!

YVY Magazine - Click the logo above to be transported to the world of men's high fashion (and the looking at those models can get you a little high too). A wonderful new way to discover what's in, what's out and why we should care about how we look. There may be other men's fashion sites out there but don't miss this one! Fab-u-lous!!!

Now you can search the web or the
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